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Expert Witness

When disputes arise in swimming pool construction, you may want an expert to offer an unbiased third party opinion. Whether you are a client who has been treated unfairly, or a pool contractor unjustly accused, an honest and objective third party opinion will often bring about a quick and inexpensive resolution to pool construction problems and misunderstandings.


Lew has frequently served as a mediator, a binding arbitrator and/or expert witness on frequent occasions throughout the US. As a Certified Building Professional and recognized industry expert in swimming pool construction and design, Lew is an ideal resource for dispute resolution on the subjects of:


  • Design Standards
  • Workmanship Standards
  • Suitability of Materials
  • Equipment Selection
  • Pool Hydraulics
  • Drainage
  • "Vanishing Edge" Design & Application
  • Adherence to Contract


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