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Finishing Touches

Choosing your tile, coping, Interior finish and decking surface is a lot like choosing the carpet, paint color and countertops for your home. Your choices will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your pool and yard. This is your chance to put make your pool uniquely your own.




Your choice of tile will add a nice accent to your choice of interior pool finish and decking materials. Most pools have tile installed around the waterline. It is usually made of ceramic or glass, but natural stone tiles are also popular. Sizes usually range from 1” squares to 6” squares.




The “coping” is the material that surrounds the perimeter of your swimming pool and/or spa. On a “Gunite” or cement pool, the coping is typically about 12 inches wide and usually made out of brick, paving stones, natural stone, or a precast cement material. On a vinyl, liner pool, the coping maybe only one or 2 inches wide, and made of plastic, vinyl or aluminum. Coping can be made obsolete with the construction technique known as “cantilevered deck,” in which case the decking material extends over the edge of the pool, and becomes a substitute for actual coping material.



Interior Finish

In addition to the old white plaster pools of yesteryear now you can get a custom colored marbleized finish in just about any color you want. We literally have THOUSANDS of choices! We also offer a super long-lasting “aggregate / polymer” finishes. We have hundreds of textures, styles and colors to choose from.



Decking Choices

Your choices will most likely fall into one of these five categories:


  • Broom-finished concrete – simple, economical and long-lasting
  • Exposed aggregate -- classier than Broom finish, and equally long-lasting
  • Acrylic finishes, with unlimited colors and patterns, such as SUNDEK
  • Masonry finishes, such as flagstone or cut limestone
  • Elegant pavers, such as tumbled marble travertine or other specialty pavers


These photos should give you some ideas. (Click on any photo for an enlarged view.) You can also view actual samples in our office, if you’d rather check these out in person.




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