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Lew Akins Videos

If you've ever wondered "Who is this guy, Lew Akins?", then you may want to check out some of the following videos.  It's a great way to "get to know Lew” before you actually pick up the phone and call him.



Backyard Living Advice from Lew Akins

To help homeowners like you make the best possible decisions for their backyard projects, Lew Akins has produced a series of short videos with real-world "need to know" advice. There is no "high tech" language here.  (Lew has a knack for translating the complicated into easy-to-understand "plain English.") Instead, you'll hear the "insider secrets" that will help you avoid making any mistakes, no matter who you choose to handle your backyard project.





Build a pool in less than 30 seconds!

Courtesy of the Ratta family.



APSP spotlight on Lew Akins


Lew Akins on the importance of education


Lew Akins wins CBP of the year


Ocean Quest Pool by Lew Akins featured on “HGTV's Cool Pools”


Lew Akins “In The News”


Live Aerial Videos of our recently built swimming pools

Black Glass Tile Pool


Hillcrest Hospital Fountain


Lew Akins - "A reflection of your good taste"


Lew Akins - Video



Zero Edge Pool in Georgetown By Lew Akins


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