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IN THE NEWS: "Lew Akins Honored as 2009 CBP of the Year"

APSP - Interview with Lew Akins, CBP from The Association of Pool & Spa Pr


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Alexandria, VA, Oct. 1, 2009- The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) has chosen Lew Akins as the 2009 "Certified Building Professional (CBP) of the Year." This is the APSP Builders Council’s "lifetime achievement" award, presented to a Certified Building Professional and APSP member whose accomplishments have made a significant contribution to the profession.


Dedicated to the pool and spa industry since 1979, Akins is widely known as a well-respected builder, speaker, trainer, consultant and expert witness. Akins has won more than 187 regional and national design awards from APSP, NSPI and other industry organizations. Lew's company "Ocean Quest Pools" has been named one of the "Top 50 Pool Builders in the U.S." by Pool and Spa News on six separate occasions - most recently in 2016. In 2000, Akins was inducted into the NSPI Region III Hall of Fame.


For the past 24 years, Akins has been a regular speaker and educator at the APSP regional and international conventions, training pool builders on advanced subjects including hydraulic design for swimming pools, designing and building negative-edge pools and the proper construction of waterfalls. He is widely considered one of the pioneers of vanishing-edge pool construction.


Among the APSP Builders Council, Akins is known as a superior instructor and an asset to the pool and spa industry. Nominators cited his contributions to the builder's manual, extraordinary teaching skills and "the attention to detail and the passion he brings to his work." They expressed their gratitude, naming Akins' efforts "above the call of duty of membership."

About Lew Akins


Lew Akins is the owner and founder of "Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins," with locations in Belton, Waco and Killeen. In the pool business since 1979, Lew is a well-known speaker, consultant, sales trainer and expert witness for the swimming pool industry. Lew has also written numerous articles on pool design and "negative edge" pools.


Lew founded Ocean Quest Pools in Austin Texas in 1984. Since then he has won more than 187 national and regional awards, more than any other central Texas pool builder. Lew was one of the modern pioneers of vanishing edge pool construction, building hundreds of these projects for clients, and providing consulting services on hundreds more.


Lew is a regular speaker at the APSP/NSPI regional and international conventions, and a featured writer and columnist for Pool and Spa News. His column, "At the Competitive Edge," answers builders' questions on complex construction issues.


As a Certified Building Professional with the APSP, Lew is frequently requested for consultation on complex and sophisticated commercial and private pool projects throughout the country.


In 1998, Lew sold Ocean Quest Pools of Austin to focus on his consulting and specialty construction business. In February of 2000, Mr. Akins was named to the N.S.P.I. Region III Hall of Fame. In 2002, he opened "Ocean Quest Pools By Lew Akins" in Belton Texas, and added facilities in Killeen and Waco in 2006.


On six occasions, Lew has been named one of the top fifty pool builders in the U.S. in the annual Pool and Spa News "Industry Choice Awards."


Lew can be reached by e-mailing

Expert Consultation

If you’re facing a pool construction challenge such as a steep slope, difficult access, multi-level or negative edge plumbing, or other advanced construction challenges, Lew Akins is the guy to call. Lew has assisted contractors across the country, in Europe, Central America, South America and Asia with challenging projects for their clients. If you’re struggling with a pool construction challenge, give Lew a call at 254-933-8370. There’s no charge for an initial phone consultation.


"Dear Lew,"


"Greetings from Vermont. Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for the time you took to help me with my Costa Rican pool project. It was very reassuring to speak to someone with your depth of knowledge and I feel far more confident about building the pool on Lake Arenal. I'll definitely be in touch with your colleague Jorde and I am ordering your CD course on infinity pools. As promised, I'll be posting a review of you on Google which I trust you'll enjoy reading."


"Again, many thanks."


"All the best,"


“Lew was great. He definitely knew his stuff. He arrived when he said he would, and he got right down to business. I had several other people tell me ‘Hey, you should try this,’ or ‘you should try that,’ but I didn't want to ‘guess’ on a big project like this. Lew knew exactly what we needed to do to fix the problem."


“When he went back home, he followed up with me to make sure everything was fine. He didn't just take my money and disappear. He’s a good dude. If I ever need help with a pool again, I will definitely call him.”


Jamie Brimacombe


International Speaker


Over the last twenty years, Lew has provided training for pool builders all around the world on many advanced subjects including:


  • Building Custom Water Features
  • Proper Construction of Waterfalls
  • Designing & Building Negative Edge Pools
  • Hydraulic Design for Swimming Pools
  • Pool Designs with Landscaping In Mind
  • Proper Presentation of a Sales Proposal (To Ensure a Satisfied Customer)


Other courses are available on request. Fees are reasonable, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Sales Training & Sales Assistance

Lew conducts sales training programs specifically for the pool construction industry, sharing his time-tested selling and presentation methods with sales teams and sales individuals.


Lew also offers sales consultation on an ad hoc basis for builders who really want to close a spectacular project or critical deal. Fees are reasonable, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Here are some comments from one of Lew's more recent sales training classes at the International Pool and Spa Expo:

  • "Great! this class alone will change my look on how to bid a job."
  • "I wish our whole sales staff was attending; very helpful and entertaining"
  • "I can see my company making 25% more money next year"
  • "Lew's seminar has helped our company make much more money"
  • "Great presentation; I love the real-life examples."
  • "Lew is an excellent speaker."
  • "Lew is always a wealth of great information."
  • "Lew is the best; I would like another handout"
  • "I wish all my salesmen were here!"
  • "Very interesting; loads of great information"
  • "Very good"
  • "Lew is always great"
  • "Great series"
  • "Very motivating and entertaining!"

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Expert Witness

When disputes arise in swimming pool construction, you may want an expert to offer an unbiased third party opinion. Whether you are a client who’s been treated unfairly, or a pool contractor unjustly accused, an honest and objective third party opinion will often bring about a quick and inexpensive resolution to pool construction problems and misunderstandings.


Lew has frequently served as a mediator, a binding arbitrator and/or expert witness on frequent occasions throughout the US. As a Certified Building Professional and recognized industry expert in swimming pool construction and design, Lew is an ideal resource for dispute resolution on the subjects of:


  • Design Standards
  • Workmanship Standards
  • Suitability of Materials
  • Equipment Selection
  • Pool Hydraulics
  • Drainage
  • "Vanishing Edge" Design & Application
  • Adherence to Contract


For a FREE no-obligation consultation with Lew, please call (254) 933-8370, or contact us via e-mail.


Fees are reasonable, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Certified Building Professional® (CBP)

 Lew Akins is a Certified Building Professional® who has been tested and certified by the world's largest trade organization of professional pool and spa builders.


The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals™ (APSP) has developed the most comprehensive testing program for today's builders to demonstrate their mastery of the latest techniques in pool and spa construction.


Gone are the old “see-ment” ponds of yesterday, replaced by sleek, well-designed swimming pools that require less maintenance than you might imagine, if equipped with the latest in pool cleaning systems. Today's pools and spas also have more features available to create a romantic ambience. Now there's fiber optic lighting that changes water to liquid rubies or molten gold, mood lighting that illuminates the water's edge, and landscaping that transforms a suburban backyard into a tropical paradise and a soothing place to float while pondering the important issues of the day.


Choosing a CBP means you're hiring a builder who has demonstrated knowledge of state-of-the-art pool and spa information, including:

  • Construction standards approved by the American National Standards Institute.
  • APSP workmanship standards.
  • Government regulatory requirements.
  • Compaction, excavation and soil.
  • Stabilization techniques.
  • Heaters, decks and other accessories.


“Our members build the most beautiful pools and spas in the world,” says Bill Weber, President and CEO of APSP. “When consumers work with an APSP-certified builder, they can rest assured that the beauty is not just skin deep. Their pool and spa will be built using the most current standards and technology, and built to last.”


A certified service professional can guide customers in their choices of what equipment and accessories best suit them, from heating and filtration systems to fully automated cleaning systems and fiber optic lighting.


APSP has more than 5,200 members representing manufacturers, distributors, builders, retailers and service companies who share a commitment to fair business practices and a standard of excellence in health and safety.

 NSPI Hall of Fame

We received what is considered the most prestigious award in the pool industry when inducted into the Hall of Fame by Aqua Magazine. The Hall of Fame recognizes swimming pool companies that have consistently demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and creativity in customer service, workmanship, store design, promotions, advertising, and product knowledge. NSPI Hall of Fame

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