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Vanishing Edge

Also known as "Negative edge" or "infinity edge", a Vanishing Edge offers the illusion that the pool (or spa) water is pouring over the edge of the pool into another body of water, or perhaps down a hillside. Vanishing edge requires exact design and workmanship standards at all stages of construction, and should not be entrusted to anyone but experienced professionals.


The most beautiful and challenging of all vanishing edge pools is the "Perimeter Edge" pool, also known as a "Zero Edge" or a "Wet Deck" pool. In this case, all sides of the pool or spa spillover into a visible or hidden catch basin. Imagine having to build an entire swimming pool, where the edge height varies less than 1/8 of an inch in all locations! Very few people in this industry are qualified to tackle this type of project. Lew Akins not only builds quite a number of these pools every year, but he actually travels the country and the world teaching other pool builders how to design and build these amazing projects. He is also frequently called in to help out other pool builders who have attempted this on their own, and gotten into trouble.


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